Monday, December 1, 2008

Back into the north

It's time again to try to find a heart tree in the north. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll find a great weirwood with a face in downtown Minneapolis.

Old gods aside... I was pretty sure I was done with Minnesota when I switched job roles, but what do you know... not only do we have to implement half of Minnesota, we need to try to sell to the other half.

It's my first time in Minneapolis proper, and my first time here in the winter months. Obviously, it's still early December, and still technically fall, but it's basically feeling here about how my part of Michigan feels in January. Still not too cold yet (at least not for someone from Michigan), but you got some of the first bits of the snow on the ground and buildings that'll last all winter long.

Here in downtown though, it's interesting, since they have this system of enclosed walking paths above the street. Similar to the underground walking paths they have in Toronto. It should be nice though, since I probably won't have to go outside again until Friday when I get ready to fly home. We're at a nice hotel downtown, not far from the potential customer site. Although, when I was walking from the train stop to the hotel, I noticed that they seem to have one of the stupidest street naming schemes I've ever seen. They have the streets in one direction named '#Number Street' and the streets in the other direction named '#Number Ave'. So, I'm looking at my directions to the hotel, and trying to find 4th. Which I found, only I found 4th street instead of 4th ave. Which I didn't notice was a problem until I found myself seeing the same number again and realized something was fishy with the naming scheme. Luckily, I only went one block out of my way before figuring out how to get turned around in the right direction.

So, I had a good relaxing finish to my Thanksgiving weekend. We had a couple of friends stay the night Saturday, and then Sunday I actually got a few projects done around the house and got to bed at a reasonable time before I had to drag my ass to the airport at 5 in the morning. This week, I'll probably be pretty busy and stressed with the demo (especially through Thursday), but hopefully I'll still have time to keep up on reading and maybe finish up my replay of Final Fantasy VII.

In my last post, I also forgot to mention one of the other great reasons to hope for a speedy December... January is when season two of Flight of the Conchords starts up on HBO. Now there's something to look forward to.