Thursday, December 4, 2008

No sleep, will travel...

So, it's been a busy week. I was told I did very well today, with only minor tips to improve on my style.

I'm obviously up again late tonight, I'm getting my prep done for tomorrow and Friday, and then I have a little time to review tomorrow morning before I'm up again.

On the whole, it is interesting getting used to this style of working. In a way, it really suits me. I've always been the kind of guy who can work in crazy spurts, and while I like working all the time, I prefer having spurts of hard work, with periods of relaxed work in between, compared to the constant grind of the application development cycle (which waxes and wanes as well, but nothing like the demo route).

In another odd bit, I'll be in Tampa again next week. Somehow, I managed to avoid Florida for the first 25 years, and now I'll be flying there twice in four weeks. This time a small group of us will be looking at more details on Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Which apparently is going to be renamed to XRM). The product on the whole does seem to be a compelling development platform, especially with the amount of work they've already put into workflow definition, work management, notifications, etc. It's the kind of platform that could drastically reduce the amount of time to build out a lot of the specialized processes in our overall solution.

Anyways, that aside, I hope to learn a lot and see if I should be drinking the kool-aid or not...

Beyond the crazy work schedule, nothing new to report. I've seen the same few nice downtown buildings every day, and a small little chunk of the skyway. Tomorrow and Friday should be better. Tomorrow I shouldn't have any major prep, and we'll be almost done (and it's the birthday of one of our group here), and then Friday, I should have a little time for dinner and drinks with the stragglers of the crew before hitting my late flight back.

On the whole though, I can't wait for this weekend and sleeping in my bed...

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