Monday, May 18, 2009

Giving up on blogging?

Not officially, but it does seem that way in a de facto sense. So, what is it I've been up to? Quite a bit, actually. Last time I updated, I was in Palm Springs for the ESRI DevSummit and posted on my experience installing the Windows 7 Beta.

Since then, I've upgraded to the Windows 7 RC. Officially, the installation won't allow you to upgrade from Beta to RC, however, there's a helpful post at the Windows 7 Blog on how to modify one of the files on the install set to allow it. It requires you to take an install route like I outlined in my last post, so everyone should be good there. After two months, I'm still loving Windows 7. It works fabulous for me, and the only thing I've had continued problems with is the install of ESRI's ArcGIS Explorer 500.

Travel wise, I slowed down for a while in the month of April. I was mostly working on design work over that time for our California project. Personally, we had one hell of a scare when Melissa's mom had to go into the hospital for a severe case of bacterial meningitis. She had to be in the hospital for a week, and then required another week of IV antibiotics. Melissa and I spent a lot of time at the hospital and at her house helping her recover. Luckily, it was a week I didn't have to travel so I worked from her house to help handle the IV schedule. That finished up just as Melissa and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. We spent the evening going to see Flight of the Conchords at the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit. We had third row seats in the orchestra pit, which was amazing and close enough that the Hiphopopotamus's incredibly potent rhymes were able to make her pregnant. Luckily, Melissa's birth control was strong enough to spontaneously abort the rhyme based embryo shortly thereafter...

After that, I started a bit of a whirlwind of travel though. Had a week long trip to southern California, that involved my driving about 500 miles. Luckily, it was gorgeous, so I didn't mind my time on the Pacific Coast Highway. The week after that, I was in Portage for more design review meetings on the California project. And then last week, I was in Indianapolis working on ESRI GIS integration.

So along the way, I also finally broke down and bought a PS3. I had really wanted one for a while, but I was annoyed they dropped support for the PS2 backwards compatibility. So, I ended up buying a used 60GB model from for $30 more than a brand new one. Luckily, the unit I got worked well (other than a bum USB cable) and it's been great for me ever since. That gave me a chance to pick up Grand Theft Auto IV, Rock Band 2, and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Now I can be a modern video game rock god again. Although I do miss a lot of the tunes from Guitar Hero 2...

So, I'm way behind on keeping this blog up, and I'll try to backfill pictures from the last couple of months. Meanwhile, today I'm finishing up revisions on the final design docs we have to deliver for California, and working hard on our ESRI integration. That's the piece I really enjoy, since I get to use Silverlight and I've been learning a ton about GIS as well. It's definitely a fun piece to work on, since I've been a map nerd all my life, I've just never fully explored that from a GIS perspective. It looks like it'll lead to me giving a presentation at the Manatron User's Group Conference in Miami Beach later this year. Maybe a few other interesting trips along the way...

Till next time, hopefully twitter and microblogging haven't killed the real blog. Also, the Red Wings have exceeded my expectations for this playoff year. They were so inconsistent in the regular season, but as soon as they started against Columbus, they've been the amazing team I expected all year long. I hate to get too optimistic, but I'm feeling repeat... over the Penguins again no less. Although a re-hash of the sweep of 2002 wouldn't be terrible either.

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